Hi! I know some of our readers may already know us, but if the interweb has brought you here by chance or choice, here is a little bit about us!


Brigette (right) is a 31 year old free spirited hairstylist who loves love, adventure and making the world a more beautiful place one hairstyle at a time. An eternal optimist and the “hair” part of this blog.

Sarah (left) is a 31 year old city dweller. A planner & a realist, who loves animals, wine, Target & puns.  The “there” part of this blog.

Both November 1984 babies born just 6 days apart, Brigette & Sarah’s paths crossed at Central Catholic in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where they attended high school together. Becoming fast friends with their common interests they have remained close over the last 15 years. While sharing many Sagittarius traits, Brigette is whimsical, while Sarah is realistic. Once roommates in Southie, now travel companions, they are excited to start this blog and share their mutual affinity for hair, travel, puns, and lots in between.

Side note: This will be the only post written in third person, promise!

Come along with us as we document our ventures in travel, life, love & all things in between!




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