22,317 miles, 8 flights, 10 hotels, 5 countries, 1 car wreck

…and a partridge in a pear TREEE!

The internet is full of blog posts portraying South East Asia as a “must see”.  The majority of articles we read made  SE Asia sound cheap & easy to travel throughout.  At the risk of sounding like amateurs, we found this trip to be a huge challenge.  When we got back home and people would ask about our travels we were both struggling to find the proper adjectives to describe our experience.  I think we both ended up with an answer that sounded like “Ummm, it was good! Very long and a bit of a challenge.”

This trip included stops in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia & Sri Lanka. Each country presented us with new struggles- financially, culturally & physically.  Being single, American females we often felt taken advantage of in transactions & at times were ogled at like we had just disembarked from a UFO.  Most of the time we didn’t deserve the funny looks, except for the day Brigette debuted this ensemble…

Elephant pants, denim shirt, tribal print bag, adorned with a leopard neck pillow. OH MY

Obviously there were really great times as well & some of the people we met along the way restored our faith in the “kindness of strangers”, but we both agree that we won’t be rushing back to SE Asia anytime soon.  We’re working hard on recap posts & hope they’ll shed some light on the challenges we encountered along the way.

A few highlights…


IMG_0328 (2)
Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok
Lotus Field, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia
Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
KumbukRiver Tree House, Yala,Southern Province Sri Lanka

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