5 Must Pack Travel SNACKS!

Hair to There RUNS ON SNACKS.

Well, snacks & cappuccinos.

Before we roll into the airport for our outbound flight, Brigette and I spend a fair amount of time talking about and coordinating our snacks.  Often times our “snacks” become our meals.

We both err on the side of caution when it comes to trying new foods abroad.  That bag of fruit in Bangkok may look delicious to you, but all we see are the swarming flies that have recently migrated from a nearby trash can.  Annnnnnd queue the visceral response to street food.

I’m also convinced every airport has one central kitchen where they prepare the same awful meals served at each individual restaurant. Your turkey sandwich from Emeril Lagasse’s newest restaurant at JFK is the same one you can purchase three storefronts down at Au Bon Pain To-Go; same vom-tasctic turkey breast peppered with rotting lettuce and left to marinate for at least 48 hours.  YUMMMM. To save our insides from suffering, we pack a lot of snacks.

Our coveted snack packs take up precious real estate in our carry-on bags, but without these delicious little nuggets, we would likely return just skin and bones.  Kidding, there is always McDonalds…
Golden Arches of Martinique

Without furtherado, here is what’s in our SNACK PACKS:

1. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Sometimes we make our own and sometimes we buy Uncrustables.  Judge away, but when the airplane cabins begins to fill with noxious fumes of the impending dinner & your flight attendant asks if you want salmon or chicken, you’ll wish you had a trusty PB & J on hand.

2. Trail Mix

This is a very specific trail mix, one I have been making for years.  Brigette lovingly refers to it as “happy trail mix”.
This snack requires a trip to Trader Joes.  The ingredients:
1 bag Trader Joe’s “Happy Trekking Trail Mix”
1 bag of shelled/salted pistachios
1 bag of dried berry medley
1/2 container mini chocolate peanut butter cups
(A bit dicey in warmer climates so omit the chocolate bits in that case…or live dangerously!)

3. The Glorified Fruit Roll Up

They’re organic, they’re delicious & they remind me of the glory days when I would open my lunch bag and discover a fruit roll up.  BEST.DAY.EVER. (only trumped by GUSHERS).  These sugary treats have revived both of our blood sugars during various hypoglycemic incidents.  Many a temper tantrum has been avoided thanks to these fruity snacks.

4. Protein/Granola bars

We usually pack Zone bars & Kind bars.  My only word of advice- skip the crunchy ones (think Nature’s Valley) if you don’t want to be extracting crumbs from your bra for the remainder of the day.  Those crumbs get ERRRRRWHERE.

5. Wheat Thins

They’re salty, but then they’re a little sweet.  They are perfection wrapped up in a tiny little cracker.  Never leave home without a bag.  They once saved us during a particularly horrific day in Martinique.

And when the snack bag is empty…


6. Hoard snacks from the breakfast buffet

On several occasions we have sneakily made PB&J sandwiches and tucked them away in our purses when the waiter is looking in the opposite direction.  Additionally, a few squares of banana bread & an apple are always a good grab.  And if you have refrigeration, hard boiled eggs are an excellent option.
Our snack shelf in Sri Lanka. Smuggling bruschetta toasts- not for amateurs!
Travel isn’t all sunshine & rainbows.  Sometimes you just need a snack.  Take our advice, don’t leave home without a proper snack pack!


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  1. Dee Gogo

    December 11, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    I love your way of thinking! I am such a breakfast buffet hoarder! Lol its the best! My friend that travelled with me last was freaked out when i brought my own plastic bags to breakfast but when she got hungry and i shared she changed her mind! Haha!

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