Driving in Malaysia: Take Two

If you missed the long-winded post about crashing a rental car in Malaysia, you can find the re-cap here, but to make a long story, longer, here is the aftermath!

With my head hanging in shame, we plugged our destination into the GPS & (re)started our journey.  We had hopes that both of our Uber drivers were exaggerating about how bad traffic would be on the Friday night before Chinese New Year.

Dare I call it the worst traffic I’d ever seen?  We sat in silence, staring at the miles of red brake lights illuminating the road ahead like a Christmas tree adorned with only red bulbs.

In no particular order the following happened:

I nearly drove off the road (first time).

We cried.

We thought about turning around.

The skies opened up and dumped monsoon type rain on us (first time).

We hydroplaned & nearly ended up in a ditch.

We got lost (first time).

We had to re-fuel the car because we had been on the road for so long.

We got lost (second time).

We sang Christmas carols (as evidenced BELOW. FAIR WARNING, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!!) **

We talked about life. (ALWAYS)

The skies opened up, again (second time).

We got lost (third time).

We thought about sleeping in the car.

It monsoon-ed again (third time).

We couldn’t find Pangkor Laut’s jetty, even while on the phone with resort staff (4 EFFING TIMES).

FINALLY AT 12:30PM WE ARRIVED IN ONE PIECE WITH A FULLY INTACT RENTAL CAR, which meant time to CELEBRATE.  While waiting for our private charter boat to swoop us away to Paradise (at an additional charge, obvi), we begged a bartender in a nearby restaurant to sell us a bottle of wine for the cash that we had handy.

SUCCESS.  After the most handsome man in Malaysia loaded our luggage into the boat, we were finally en route to the “beach break” of our South East Asia tour.

** And for anyone curious about what a Christmas Carol collaboration between Brigette & I would sound like, here is a rough cut.


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  1. Kelly Turpin

    September 25, 2016 at 2:00 am

    Lol!… and the saga continues. It makes for a memorable trip though doesn’t it? Not a holiday you are likely to forget in a hurry!

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