Glacier Alley: Cruising the Chilean Fjords

On board Holland America’s ms Zaandam, we were set to slowly sail through the Beagle Channel.¬† The itinerary read “Glacier Alley” and I was excited to test out the camera I was not skilled enough to use properly! (Lovingly loaned to me by my Dad ūüôā )


I spent the day wandering around the boat looking for the best vantage points, ducking inside occasionally to warm up. The weather on the Beagle Channel was a little misty with a low cloud cover, so not all the glaciers photographed optimally.  Mother nature, so fickle.

First up was the Romanche Glacier. 


Sailing away from Romanche

I think this was my favorite glacier we cruised by.  While not the largest, I loved the contrasting colors of the glacial ice, the greenery on the adjacent rocks, the waterfall & the difference in water color right at the base.

Next up was the Italia Glacier. 

And much like the story of my life a cloud cover ruined what would have been some great photos.  Just call me Eeyore.

Luckily the weather started to clear as we approached the most renowned glacier of the day, Amalia! As we got closer to the Amalia glacier, we moved into a huge field of ice chunks!

I tried photographing the ice chunks like I knew what I was doing…

Soon, Amalia came into view! ¬†Quick dose of reality with the photo below…

With so many people standing by to witness and photograph this spectacular glacier, the Captain performed a difficult endeavor of idling the ship and making a full 360 degree turn so everyone could get a good glimpse, no matter where you were standing.  It was an impressive maneuver, given how big the vessel is and how tiny the Beagle channel is!

Over all, it was a great day at sea with some spectacular views, but this wouldn’t be Hair To There without a little humor sprinkled in…

There was just one thing that made me want to strap on a life jacket and jump overboard…




That picture will be as crisp as a polaroid. Oh, and also, the people behind you don’t want to spectate a glacier through the lens of your giant iPad. #howtobeawful

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  1. Bianca

    March 4, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Holy Molly!! This is my kind of adventure! Booking marking and pinning. I still haven’t been to South America and Chile is up there on the top of the list for countries I want to visit in SA.

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