Iceland Road Trip: Day 3 & 4


Day 3

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After 4 or 5 hours of sleep we both awoke to the wind howling outside our camper & very full bladders.  By some stroke of good luck we found a hostel in Hofn that was wide open and unattended, so we used their bathrooms and also found a shower room that was far too perfect to pass up.  This is in no way a recommendation to sneak into a hostel and take a shower, but we’re just being transparent about our trip details.  A clean start was just what we needed on this morning.  We were fresh faced and ready to forget what a nightmare the last night’s drive had been.

We got a move on and our first stop was Fláajökul glacier, which was quite a distance down a gravel road.  The road was pretty rocky & left us wondering if we’d made a mistake by not adding the “sand & gravel” insurance to our rental contract. We took it slow and the Happy Camper seemed no worse from the wear.  Again, we were staring at a glacier in the middle of nowhere, all by ourselves.  One of the things we loved most about this trip was how peaceful Iceland was.  We’re often disgusted when sightseeing among 1,000s of other tourists.  Having time to take in these sites and take pictures that you don’t have to crop other people’s big heads out of was incredible.


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Luckily Day 3 was our shortest drive & was full of some of our favorites stops on the road trip.  We failed to take any pictures of the beautiful drive along the coast on Day 3.  In no time at all we went from mossy green fields to completely black fields to skirting a path between mountain and ocean before finally arriving at Jökulsárlón Lagoon.

Here’s where we finally remembered we were starting a blog & mental pictures weren’t going to captivate the masses. Jökulsárlón Lagoon was one of our absolute favorite stops.  Even if you aren’t driving the Ring Road & staying closer to Reykjavik, this sight is worth the to & from drive (the drive also boasts great scenery, including Vik & its black sand beach on the way).


IMG_0093 IMG_0102









Next we came upon Seljalandsfoss.  It was beautiful, but by this point in the day we were losing steam quickly.  We opted out of walking behind the fall & decided to grab a coffee at the restaurant in Seljalandsfoss’ parking lot.


It was relatively early- maybe an hour or so from sunset, so we decided to hunt for Seljavallalaug pool. We had read that it was a great hidden gem but by the time we managed to find the parking lot the sun was setting & we didn’t think it’d be the best idea to make the trek.  We went back to Seljalandsfoss and got dinner at the restaurant there.  Having no agenda, we decided to camp in the parking lot for the night.  It was relatively quiet aside from two other campers.

After dinner we got to work on drinking the box of wine we had been toting along with us.  To our delight, the skies were clear and we got to see the northern lights again!  We tried photographing them to no avail, but as luck would have it a fellow tourist taught Brigette how to set her camera to capture the lights.  We didn’t get the best shots, but we were jazzed to see some color, instead of the pitch black photos we’d taken the night before.

Day 4


After a camper party with some Aussie tourists, we hit the hay way past our bed time, which made waking up a bit more painful than usual.  We grabbed coffee and started our drive back to Reyjkavik.  Per usual, we were running late, but thought we’d have just enough time to check out the Geysir before dropping off our van.  We have no photo evidence of the Geyser because we were both bored & bothered- too many tourists crowding around a hole in the ground that shoots out water every few minutes.  Skip this attraction.  It’s not worth the drive.

We got back to the Happy Camper office well past the time we were supposed to drop off the van, but once again they were kind enough to give us a break and not charge us for an extra day.  We got to the airport, checked our bag & went to get something to eat.  Meanwhile I had f*cked up the military time conversion for our flight time departure.  After a very quick run through the airport, we were lucky enough to catch our flight back to Boston, but the looks of disgust from our fellow passengers is an image that has burned into my memory. OOPSIES.

Book your trip to Iceland ASAP! You won’t regret it for a second!

Check back later in the week for a little bit about our Mexican vacation!




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