Singapore Slinging @ Marina Bay Sands

Before we departed for South East Asia, we hit Pinterest pretty hard in search of the best things to do, see & eat in each city.

Virtually every pinterest link related to Singapore, was a picture of a massive yacht perched atop three skyscrapers, complete with an infinity edge pool that ran the entire length of the rooftop.

marina bay sands
exhibit A
exhibit B

Never ones to indulge, we immediately booked one night at Marina Bay Sands, completely ignoring the fact that that we could have (and actually did) stay elsewhere for 1/4 of the price.  Singapore has been named one of the most expensive cities in the world for the last three years and that is very evident in every transaction, ranging from transportation to food.

Once we arrived at Marina Bay Sands we shuffled through the crowds of fanny pack toting tourists only to discover that the queue for check in looked hauntingly similar to that of a Disney ride.


By some divine intervention, a hotel employee tapped on my shoulder and advised us to follow him.  To be honest, even if he was intending to guide us off the edge of a cliff I still would have willingly followed him to avoid standing in that line.

He didn’t guide us to the nearest cliff, but he did escort us to the VIP check in office.  Ten minutes and 6 stolen complimentary water bottles later, we were checked in early to a bay view suite on the 16 floor.  Our view was terrible…

IMG_0159 IMG_0160








We soaked up the air conditioning and our view for a few minutes before we headed for the Gardens by the Bay.  It was HOT and the gardens were a little boring, so we surrendered to the fact that we were really only there to marinate in the infinity edge pool perched 57 floors above Singapore.









Entering the roof deck pool area is a bit of a clusterf*ck due to security.  Apparently in the past the pool had been open to non-guests, and now it is limited to only guests staying at the hotel.  That restriction makes complete sense given how busy it was up there, but there is only one turnstyle security check point for everyone who wants to enter and exit, making it a bit of a zoo near the enterance.  Other than that the roof top area is fantastic.  Its enormous, there are plenty of chairs along the poolside, and the staff are both friendly & helpful.

We found some loungers, ordered the obligatory ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail & took selfies at the edge of the pool 57 floors up.

IMG_0036 (2)
Only we could make this picture look like we are just standing on a rooftop in our bathing suits. #selfiefail
Singapore Slinging
A photog worth the price tag

We floated in the pool until we were sufficiently pruned & noticed an ominous storm cloud rolling in.  In just the knick of time we decided to head back to our room before the monsoon like rain started to pour.










Still jet-lagged, we grabbed an early dinner at one of the billion restaurants housed within Marina Bay Sands.  After a glass of wine at dinner, we were jones-ing for a little more, so we made our way back to one of the rooftop open-air restaurants for another glass.  As you may have already noticed, our vacation days ALWAYS begin with a coffee hunt & end with a wine hunt.  The manager at the roof-top bar kept our glasses complimentarily full, so we stayed a bit longer than we intended.  We did manage to decline the 2am rooftop party invite he extended, and made our way to our room for bed time.  Morning would roll around too quick & we had a mid-morning flight to Bangkok to catch.  Lights out in Singapore.

Good morning Singapore!


Have you been to Marina Bay Sands? Did you think the price tag was worth it?  Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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