Wanna Be My Date?: A Mexican Love Story

Sitting across from Sarah at a Mexican food restaurant, as fate would have it, I was telling her my single gal woes about not having a date to bring to my brother’s wedding in Mexico. Sarah looked at me and said, “I’d go!” and that was that- she was my date!

Who wouldn’t want to be my wedding date?

I don’t think she realized how large or how crazy my family is, but she got her first taste upon arrival when we heard the rally call for “GROUP SWIM”! Seventy-five of my family members headed to the beach and into the ocean and so it began..our first adventure together.

Group swim participants all dolled up

We laughed, we drank, we stayed up late and made friends with strangers. We realized here how funny we are as a duo..quick witted & sarcastic yet intelligent.  Gets ’em everytime!

LINE UP THE BAR (w/ water martinis)
Roofie & a reuben, plz

The wedding and all of the activities surrounding it made for the most fun my family had ever had together and the wedding itself so beautiful and memorable.  I’d love to relive it all over again and again.



Not having any fun…

The day after the wedding only some of the “youngsters” ((18 plus hotel)) had made plans to stay an extra day, so the fun and liver-pickling (AKA binge drinking) continued. Sarah and I made friends amongst a wedding party from Canada and never laughed so hard!  Literally laughter to the point of sore abs.


Nothing to see here…

Upon waking up on our last day we were so sad to be leaving we decided to extend our stay for an extra night (neither batting an eye lash at the cost of this decision). Not sure if it was the tequila still pumping through our veins, the water aerobics instructors or the influence of our new Canadian friends, but Sarah gave me a look and asked, “should we stay another day?” to which I responded with my usual reply, “Yassssss!”. In that moment our love story was born- a love for new people, new places & new experiences. A love story built on genuine friendship and the same silly, carefree ways. When one of asks “Should we… (insert something/somewhere completely absurd)”, the other is quick to egg on the crazy idea at hand. It’s this camaraderie & attitude that has helped our friendship grow, our relationships with ourselves deepen and curated a love for the unknown.

Water aerobics never looked so good

So, there’s the much abbreviated story of our second international trip together.  We’ll save our Montreal New Years 2004 trip for another #TBT!

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  1. Dee

    February 5, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    What a great time! I love Mexico for the ease of meeting random people and connecting!
    Of course that pic of the belly button shit has got to be my favorite! 😂😂😂

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