Where is Hair to There Headed?

“Where is Hair to There headed!?”, you may be wondering after a brief intermission (read: writer’s block).

In more ways than one we are headed in different directions.

No, we’re not “breaking up”.

No, we’re not throwing in the travel blogging towel.

But, after a lot of trial and error, we’ve decided to go back to the (ombré) roots of this idea.  Our blog posts were formed in our heads much before the pen ever met the paper.

On the snow covered, mountainous roads of Iceland late at night, our blog post wrote itself as we laughed & cried over what was one of the scariest drives we’d ever embarked upon. The stories were for us. They made us laugh and we often thought they were worth sharing if we could ever get past our insecurities. We kept a list on all of our trips of little moments that we wanted to remember, or anecdotes that made us giggle. The tiny pocket sized notebook began to fill up and finally we had more stories than we knew what to do with!

So, once our cupeth overfloweth (is that proper? spell check doesn’t think so…) and we talked ourselves out of the nerves that come along with sharing part of our life on the interwebs, our blog was born.

We introduced our blog to our friends & family & then painfully started to grow our social media following.

(Just incase you aren’t already following along, find us here: Instagram .. FaceBook .. Twitter )

We took you to Iceland.

We told you about our calamitous tour of South East Asia.

We shared details about how travel has affected our friendship.

We started to talk about how Cape Town is our “spirit city”.

And, we have so much more to tell you!

So, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to tell our stories the way we remember them & in the same way they entertain us, we hope that you will hear our “real voices” & laugh, cry, scream, squeal or emote any other way, right along with us!

If you’re looking for a guide to a city or country we have traversed, you won’t find that here. Often times you would be best to read our posts and proceed by doing the exact opposite.

Who would take advice from these two dopes!?

We’re not full time writers, we’re not full time bloggers, we’re not full time travelers.

We’re full time friends, part time travelers and admitedly not the best writers! But, we’re candid, honest & interesting. (self proclaimed, and sometimes verified by others).

This is a verbose way of saying we’re not going to put ourselves into a travel blogging corner. We’re going to pepper our blog with all the things we love & travel will be a huge component, but not the only subject! It’s named hairtothere for a few reasons!  Mostly for the pun and secondly because it didn’t limit our options content wise!

In addition to changing the direction of our blog, 2017 has us both headed on separate trips. I’m (Sarah) en route to South America on my first solo trip & I may have just penned a text with “Dear Brigette, I miss you.” Followed quickly by asking her what time 21:09 is and also letting her know that my armpits were ripe and I was sorry to the unfortunate passenger who was going to be sitting next to me on the next leg of my journey…which she quickly retorted by writing a new post about natural deodorants!

Stay tuned!




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  1. Carola

    April 10, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Always good to let things ripen for a while, in this case, your blog before taking the next step. I wish you all the best & fun writing hours & even more fun on the road, Sarah!

    Happy travels!

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