Iceland Road Trip: Day One

Day 1:

We arrived at Reyjkavik International airport at 4:30am after a 5 hour flight from Boston on WOWair.

We had reservations to pick up a camper for the weekend at Happy Camper but they didn’t open until 8am, so we soaked up some free wifi & caffeine at a coffee shop in the airport lobby.

It was still dark out when 8am finally rolled around! We grabbed a cab and got dropped off at the Happy Camper garage. We arrived before they opened & I had mistakenly made our reservation for noon time-OOPS!  The guys at Happy Camper were so great! They didn’t have the van we had reserved ready just yet, so they gave us an upgrade & let us have it early at no extra charge!  Our camper was enormous, complete with a bunk bed, cooler, heater & little kitchenette! (We’ll be posting a full review on our Happy Camper experience soon!)

Sunrise at the Happy Camper garage

Our original plan was to drive counter clockwise, but the nice folks at Happy Camper advised us that strong winds were forecast for that day and between the height of the van & the open coastal road in the south it could make for a very tough drive.  We later learned just how scary it is driving this monstrosity when it is windy. We changed our plans and headed north.

Day 1

Before we left town we stopped to get some groceries & road snacks (which came in very handy when we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere).


We knew our first day would be long given we hadn’t slept the night before & the time change, so we made a pact to pull over when we needed to nap. I’d say we made it about 200km before that became neccesary. We pulled off the road, closed the shades of our Happy Camper and napped our little hearts out. Day 1’s drive was not super exciting, but when we would see the tiniest trickle of a waterfall along the roadside we would squeal with delight! We were naive to the natural beauty and grandeur that lay ahead of us.



We drove well into the night and finally made it to Akureyri, which is about 380km from Rejkavik. We followed some camp site signs and managed to find a little community center that we snuck into to use their bathroom. No shame in our game.

It was super cold, but we still slept soundly. It was very dark when we parked that night, so we were startled to see such a wonderful view when we woke in the morning!


Day 2 to follow!




  1. Laura

    August 29, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    Wow! the first part sounds exhausting! We would really love to go to Iceland soon!

  2. neha

    November 25, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Sounds quiet interesting and exciting..can’t wait to read what happens next

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