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First stop on our South East Asia adventure was Singapore.  Once passed security at Logan airport we got to work on our pre-flight ritual (wine, light dinner, more wine).  We were fresh faced, newly spray tanned & counting our lucky stars that the flight wasn’t full.  Just 13 hours separated us from from touching down at DXB for our connecting flight to SIN.IMG_0131


After a quick layover at DXB & an 8 hour flight from DXB to SIN, we finally touched down around 10am local time. I’d tell you what time our bodies thought it was but we had absolutely no idea.  It was tired o’clock speeding right towards nap time o’ clock.  We looked like we had been dragged through the trenches, but our spirits were high & it was approximately 1,000 degrees (Celsius or Fahrenheit, whatever, it was hot AF) outside.

OK, maybe I was the only one who looked haggard.
Brigette: 1, Sarah: 0









This was the longest travel day we’d experienced. I’m sure we went through customs & got into a cab but I have no recollection of the details. We asked to be brought to our hotel (Park Regis Singapore) with the hope we could check in early.  No such luck, so we hung out by the pool for as long as we could muster, which was probably 30 minutes.  To pass time we went on a mission for iced coffee.  Chasing down a decent iced coffee became mission impossible on this trip, but we never gave up.

IMG_0433 (2)
Milk, splash of coffee

Eventually we resorted to sitting in the very small check in area and hovering over the staff in the hopes they would get annoyed by us and get us into a room quicker.  This seemed to work, as we were checked in about an hour later.

We were staying at the Park Regis Singapore which was in a good location near Clark Quay and Chinatown.  The rooms were weird, as they had an open bathroom concept.  The toilet and shower were pretty much in the open, but separated by a frosted glass door.  Not ideal for friends traveling together, but nonetheless we made the best of it.  We were napping within 15 minutes of getting to the room.  We slumbered for way longer than we had intended, but we just couldn’t help it.  Our bodies were exhausted.  We weren’t up for much of an adventure, so we got dinner in the lobby and then went on a hunt for wine to have in the room before bed.

IMG_0195 (2)
Success, wine & snacks

We were asleep shortly after getting back to the room & we awoke the next morning ready to check out Singapore.  First mission was to get breakfast & flat whites.

Yelp lead us to Ronin and this will sound silly given we were in an area of the world where food is a major part of tourism, but we talked about our flat whites and scrambled eggs from Ronin through out the entire trip.  These eggs were like little delicious clouds adorned with fresh avocado and buttered toast.









If you’re ever in Singapore, this café is a must visit.  It was a wonderful hidden gem and fueled us for a day full of sightseeing and soaking up some sun at Marina Bay Sands (review coming soon).  Worth noting- Ronin is cash only!

Brigette scoured the area for an ATM, while I sat ransom at Ronin.  Once our bill was paid we walked to explore Singapore’s Chinatown.  A common theme you may notice is that I (Sarah) am heat intolerant & can turn into a bit of a miserable companion once the temperature exceeds 80F.  We quickly toured around Chinatown, stumbling by Sri Mariamman Temple, but mostly bopping in and out of knick knacks shops.  Once we’d purchased new loot for our magnet collections we headed back to our hotel to pack up & head to Marina Bay Sands.

Fish floss? No thanks.
Sri Mariamman Temple

Sunday in Singapore up next!


  1. Meghan Silva

    July 28, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Looks like you had an amazing time. I need a vacay soon haha.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

  2. Anthony Jury

    April 9, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    I have been to most parts of South East Asia, but not Singapore. Yes what is wrong with me. It sounded like a great time in the country with great food, cafe’s and sightseeing. Can’t wait to get there real soon.

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